Marble and Stone Cleaning & Restoration

Marble, Stone, Quartz, Terrazzo restoration, repair & more

Stone is a beautiful building material that when properly polished can shine like a mirror or be made glassy smooth. It is also however more delicate than many people realise. It can crack, chip, wear and is also particularly susceptible to chemical damage and lime scale build-up. This leaves your marble looking plain and lacklustre. Milos Marbles Ltd have the tools and expertise to get your marble shining and looking like new.

We specialise in natural stone, quartz and terrazzo restoration including granite worktops, quartz worktops, marble bathrooms and flooring, fireplaces, statues and artworks.

We are experts in polishing, honing, grinding, cleaning and sealing of marble, granite, travertine, terrazzo and all other natural stone. We serve London and surrounding areas.

We also repair cracks, chips and remove stains in natural stone and offer tile and grout restoration, cleaning, sealing and recolouring.

We provide:

  • a 100% free in-home consultation
  • a range of solutions tailored to your needs and budget
  • 100% dust and mess free floor polishing

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Restored natural stone stairs

Cleaned and honed marble bathroom

Polished marble tile & mirror decor bathroom

Comprehensive marble restoration offer

Milos Marbles provides its customers with all the services necessary to keep your marble glamorous for years. We offer a variety of techniques falling under the categories of marble restoration, marble polishing & marble cleaning in the London area. Our marble restoration offer includes both marble repair and preservation services. We provide marble polishing for all surfaces, but you can also choose the honing option. Milos Marbles’ also offer the cleaning of marble tiles.t

Stone maintenance & repair services

Since each type of natural stone requires a different approach, Milos Marbles always tailors its solutions to individual requests. Stone restoration and cleaning services include polishing or grinding, however additional charges may apply if the griding is needed to remove more servere dammage. Milos Marbles also offer chemical stone cleaning in the London area: a professional service using safe chemical substances, for deep stone cleaning and fine diamond abrisives to remove any dirt or product build up from the surface of the stone.

Professional maintenance for your terrazzo

Terrazzo surfaces are very durable and as such they are widely used in commercial and public spaces. Milos Marbles does not shy away from challenges, such as the restoration of large terrazzo surfaces. We provide top quality, professional terrazzo restoration in London and nearby, including professional terrazzo cleaning and a range of additional accompanying conservation and repair services, such as diamond polishing.

Quartz specialists

Quartz is an engineering stone that has been gaining popularity in recent years, so it is not that easy to find people who know how to professionally deal with such surfaces. Milos Marbles, however, offers a comprehensive offer of quartz restoration in London and its surroundings, which includes not only quartz cleaning, but also a whole array of repair services, especially the rare quartz polishing service: our specialist has mastered the unique skill of removing scratches from quartz surfaces.