Terrazzo Restoration & Repair

The choice we have today in floor and wall coverings is enormous. We can use natural materials and mix them using advanced solutions and techniques of production to create wonderful patterns. This is how we obtain terrazzo. It is a very original material that is created by combining, for example, marble fragments and concrete. This method makes it possible to design a beautiful composite material with a unique pattern on the surface that is durable and doesn’t need much maintenance.

Because it is so resistant and easy to clean, it is used in public places and institutions like hospitals, shopping centres, supermarkets or city offices. It lasts much longer than other hard floors and you can achieve original colour schemes, but, as any other material, with time terrazzo might need some repair.

Professional Terrazzo Surfaces Care

Terrazzo floors are durable, but because they are used in places where you can observe crowds of people and heavy pedestrian traffic, they can easily lose their shine. When terrazzo starts to look dull, and there are more and more new chippings and cracks, that indicates it is necessary to use the help of professionals to restore it.

Terrazzo staircase before repair & restoration
Terrazzo staircase before repair & restoration
Terrazzo staircase after repair & restoration
Terrazzo staircase after repair & restoration

Terrazzo restoration usually takes some time and depending on the level of damages can involve a few steps. Extensive repair work is necessary when the surface becomes uneven. Terrazzo crack repair can involve pouring a mixture of coloured cement and other additions into the cracks to fill them. Much attention is required to prepare the matching shade. The next step is diamond grinding that helps to level the floor and make it look brand new. But it is polishing and terrazzo honing that helps to bring out the true beauty of this product.

Terrazzo Repair and Restoration in London

Restoration of such floors can be a challenge. They take a lot of space and the level of complexity of the whole process depends on the damage and the general look of the floor. Terrazzo floor repair usually consists of a few steps. After general cleaning, grinding and honing or polishing, sealing should be carried out. It is necessary, especially with terrazzo floors. It preserves the shine and smooth surface for longer. Whether you’re in London, Twickenham or Watford, Milos Marbles will take care of all of that for you!

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