Stone Restoration London

Stone restoration companies in London and other big cities are flooded with orders to improve the state of stone elements. Natural stone like marble, limestone or granite is used in kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, offices and gardens. It is affected by weather, water, temperature and cleaning products, as well as the everyday use of stone tiles and stone counters.

With time, it can lose its colour, shine and scratches may affect the general appearance of stone items. It is worth remembering that the restoration should be done by a professional company equipped with all the necessary knowledge and experience as well as maintenance products and equipment. It will save you a lot of time, money and stress.

Natural Stone Restoration

Each type of stone needs different restoration methods and techniques. Our service can help even with scratches on countertops. Although considered a durable material, stone can be prone to damage if not properly taken care of. Like every material, it suffers from everyday use and needs conservation. For example, stone bathrooms and stone showers need special attention due to damages caused by water or steam.

Fortunately, the natural beauty of the stone can be restored. If you observe that the floor, counters or other stone elements don’t look clean anymore, it is time to use the help of professionals. An expert will assess what type of material it is, what kind of work it needs and which method will be the best. One of the important steps is to secure things that could come into contact with water during the whole process: wood, carpets, walls.

Stone floor restoration

The biggest challenge is usually to deal with a large surface like the floor. Here work takes much more time but the effect is definitely worth it. The most efficient technique is diamond grinding. First, a special cream or a similar product with abrasive elements is applied to help the machine equipped with a diamond disc exfoliate the surface of the floor. It is the best way to get rid of scratches or cuts.

An important step is also to polish or hone the surface. It helps to seal the stone and blocks the dirt and liquids from getting inside its structure. Milos Marbles will provide you with professional restoration works that meet all your expectations!

Areas we provide service

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