Why Us

My name is Milosz Wolinski and I am owner of Milos Marbles Ltd. Milos Marbles Ltd. is not a cleaning company. We are highly skilled, professional stonemasons.
We provide:

  • a 100% free in-home consultation
  • a range of solutions tailored for your budget
  • 100% dust and mess free floor polishing.

Since 2003 I have worked with natural stone and engineering stone known also as quartz. I have worked in 4 different countries (Poland, Germany, Ireland and England) as manufacturer, bridge saw operator, kitchen fitter, template and workshop supervisor.
I have had the opportunity to learn my skills from many specialists of many nationalities and allowed me to refine and develop a mastery of stone masonry work and restoration.
While I was working as kitchen fitter and marble floor restorer, I’ve seen many beautiful stone works ruined by inexperienced traders such as tilers, carpenters or builders.
I realised that is had the opportunity to create a professional company specializing in stone restoration, and in 2014 Milos Marbles Ltd was registered.
Milos Marbles Ltd. uses highly skilled procedures which should not be confused with mere “cleaning”, we provide a bespoke service, we will not apply any product to temporarily camouflage imperfections. We will professionally restore your natural stone or quartz, and always seal your stone with high quality impregnating sealers designed to protect against future staining.
Furthermore I am pleased to inform that Milos Marbles Ltd. is now one of the only companies in the UK able to restore professionally engineered stone (known also as quartz) in covering areas.