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Marble is known for its durability and longevity, but it is also very porous and thus prone to stains and etching. Since marble is a high-quality product, it cannot be just cleaned with water or with common substances containing acid. Proper cleaning accompanied by impregnation ensures long-term beauty and functionality. It also involves a sequence of actions that aim to make this material less prone to stains in the future by, for example, applying a suitable sealer.

Clean Marble Surfaces

Cleaning marble surfaces is not as simple a task as it might seem. Proper marble cleaning cannot be done by e.g. purchasing anti-limescale substances easily available at local shops. Not only such solvents give the marble a dull appearance without any lustre, but they also make the situation worse by causing etching or spill marks on marble surfaces. Any mistake in cleaning marble surfaces can damage them forever.

Professional marble cleaning is a much more complicated process, conducted with use of non-acidic, surfactant-based substances, natural abrasives, epoxy resin fillers and impregnating sealers. In addition to stain removal, the person doing the cleaning must perform a whole array of additional activities: scrubbing, polishing, honing, rinsing, sealing. Specialist cleaning of marble surfaces is not only a short-term fix to make it look okay, but a long-term investment strategy aiming at bringing benefits visible for years. It also makes daily maintenance easier.

Marble starue before cleaning/restoration
Marble starue before cleaning/restoration
Marble starue after cleaning/restoration
Marble starue after cleaning/restoration

Professional Marble Cleaning in London

Are you searching for a specialist in marble cleaning services in London or its surroundings? Milos Marbles is here to assist you with our vast offer of professional marble cleaning services. We are situated in Hemel Hempstead, but we provide our services also in neighbouring areas, including London.

Milos Marbles offers methods of cleaning marble surfaces that are carefully selected for a particular type of surface or space, regardless whether it is cleaning marble kitchen, marble bathroom, marble façade, marble floors or marble countertops. We also offer several methods that are applicable to a variety of space type, e.g. offices or hotel entrances. Cleaning a marble bathroom is especially tricky because of high levels of humidity, especially when it comes to showers.

You might contact us at first for consultation, so together we might prepare an individual plan for marble cleaning in your house or public facility – all adjusted to the needs of particular marbles surfaces, with use of most suitable tools and substances. If you need advice concerning professional marble cleaning in London (or Watford, Twickenham), just give us a call! There might be many companies who offer marble cleaning services in the London area, but many of them have very limited expertise and are not capable of providing individual solutions to different types of stone surfaces. If you decide to invest in professional cleaning, it is natural that you expect more than just basic techniques that you might carry out at home yourself when you have the time. Such services should not be only about saving time, but also ensuring the best maintenance for surfaces.

Marble tile cleaning

The basic rule for daily maintenance is to avoid anything acidic, including contact with food products such as lemon, wine or oranges. If one does not have professional substances at one’s disposal, it’s better to use some water and a cloth instead of products available in stores. As for more specialised substances, the Marble Institute recommends phosphate-free biodegradable liquid dishwashing soap (or powder) and stone soap. Once cleaning is finished, the surface should be rinsed with water and carefully dried. When it comes to spilling marks, the Marble Institute suggests using a solution of 12% hydrogen peroxide and a few drops of ammonia.

Cleaning marble floors is a particularly challenging job because this type of surface is most prone to dirt due to frequent traffic. It is strongly recommended to clean all possible dirt and stains as soon as they appear. However, we all know it’s not always possible, and it is easy to miss something, leading to hard-to remove stains. It is then absolutely crucial not to use harmful substances to perform this task.

However, obviously not only marble floors requires cleaning – such tiles have a variety of applications. They are often used to cover whole rooms, especially kitchens and bathrooms. Each type of marble surface must be washed with non-acidic substances and soft cleaners. This is the general rule. But how can one make the cleaning something more than a temporary solution? Hire a specialist who will plan out the complete process and use the appropriate tools and materials! It is a great opportunity to ensure a spotless and shiny look of the surface for a very long time. If more complicated maintenance works will be required, they can be then also performed on the spot. 

When you try to clean your marble tiles, you must also be careful during scrubbing and remember not to use metal scrappers. It is, of course, tempting to do it this way considering all the breaks between tiles where dirt easily gathers, but the harm done might be much bigger than the effort saved. If too much grout accumulates between the tiles, try removing it with a toothbrush and a mixture of baking soda and warm water (mix it until it acquires consistency of a toothpaste). Then scrub carefully and slowly, while ensuring the baking soda is not brushed into the tiles. If you do not feel up to the task, it’s better to hire someone for cleaning your marble surfaces instead. Similarly, you should not use old vacuums with metal attachments that might leave scratches.

Milos Marbles is one of the companies providing marble cleaning services in the London area and their specialists have expertise in handling tile surfaces. We know all about their daily maintenance.

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