Marble Polishing & Honing London

When you decide to decorate your home with marble, undoubtedly one of your motivations is to create an incredibly stylish and elegant space that will impress your guests for years to come. You think about glossy surfaces reflecting the light. Marble’s appearance depends very much on its finish. Polishing marble surfaces ensures a more shiny effect with light refractions, while marble honing makes the surface absolutely smooth and more intense in terms of colour. Properly done polishing and honing ensure proper maintenance of marble floors and surfaces, which also results in their longevity. Polishing reduces porosity of natural stones and makes them also less susceptible to stains and spills. It is generally recommended to polish marble surfaces every three years.

Professional Marble Honing and Polishing

Professional marble polishing might be conducted using two main methods:

  • powder polish –  a chemical method entailing the use of dry minerals, organic acids, and water,
  • diamond polishing – a physical method entailing the use of natural abrasive.

Your marble surfaces might be semi-polished or fully polished, depending on your choice.

Professional marble honing requires a great deal of expertise and knowledge of materials. If you want your surfaces and floors to be uniform and elegantly smooth, it is worth investing in a professional service. Moreover, marble polishing and honing takes up a lot of time. Therefore, investment in professional maintenance of such surfaces also allows you to save some time.

Marble polishing is in fact an ordered process of gradual closing of the grain. That is why it is so important that a skilled expert decides on a sequence of polishing works involved in the process.

Marble polishing and honing also help to remove scratches, stains or unevenness between tiles. You can use both services interchangeably and hone and polish your surfaces in turns. 

Marble office floor before polishing
Marble office floor before polishing
Marble office floor after polishing
Marble office floor after polishing

Marble Polishing & Honing London

Milos Marbles is a company offering marble polishing in London and its surroundings. We reside in Hemel Hempstead, but we are always ready to provide our services also in nearby towns. Our range of services covers also marble honing.

Polishing marble floors and honing marble floors are the two most common types of services we perform, but we also apply our skills when dealing with other types of surfaces, such as marble counters. This type of marble restoration can be applied to multiple types of spaces: marble kitchen, marble bathroom, marble features in the garden. 

Even some professional polishing tools and substances might be too aggressive for marble. These are, e.g. cement and magnesium aggregates. Milos Marbles makes sure never to use any substances that could cause any sort of damage. We favour natural and non-toxic substances, as well as natural abrasives.

It is also possible to adjust the polishing and honing services: the level of desired gloss / shine depends on the client’s wishes. We might ensure a higher level of shiny glamour to e.g. hotels and museums than in the case of a marble kitchen in a private home. Just consult us to discuss your expectations! Milos Marbles always respects the stone that is entrusted to us. We know it, we study it, and we want to help to bring out its natural beauty because that’s what must be remembered about its shine – it comes from the stone itself.

Marble floor polishing

Polishing marble floors is the type of maintenance works that is in the biggest demand. Obviously, it comes as no surprise – marble floors are surfaces that are most frequently subjected to traffic, friction, and dirt. It’s just as unsurprising that such floors lose their shine most quickly. The first solution to the problem is trying to limit the marble’s exposure to damaging factors and scratches. We cannot, however, ensure it remains untouched. So, what to do once the damage has already happened?

The principal choice you need to make when you decide on maintenance of marble surfaces is whether you prefer polishing or honing. Honing is the “less shiny” option, but also the less slippery one, so generally more suitable for floors. It is also more resistant to scratches. Standard polishing, on the other hand, is more fitting for counters and kitchens, since it reduces the porosity of the material and makes it more immune to staining. Then you might decide on the degree of the polishing that you want done.

An electric drill and a stone grinder are basic tools used for polishing of marble floors  The process can be carried out using a wet method or a dry method. The dry method involves using sandpaper and adhesives in addition to the two basic tools mentioned above. It’s essential to remember that this method produces a lot of dust. The wet method is far more complicated and involves professional, specialised substances and tools, such as polishing powder, polishing pads and a polishing machine.

These professional tools are not easy and cheap to get, and it also takes some expertise to purchase or rent a suitable one. A polishing machine should have a correct sequence of rotating discs with different granularity to provide the best lustre. Even for abrasives it’s better to use diamond tools than any other available.

It is however essential to bear in mind that marble floor polishing is not something like cleaning that is within the capability of an inexperienced homeowner. It is an activity for which you need to be prepared and which must be done slowly and carefully. You must also plan out the sequence of works and all materials used beforehand. Repolishing or making an entire marble structures like counters shiny is not a DIY task.

If you do not have the time or willingness to engage in polishing or honing your marble floors, we are always ready to help and deliver solutions tailored especially to your needs. Contact us, and we will assist you with our top-quality services in London and neighbouring areas.

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