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Milos Marbles offers you professional marble repair and restoration services to keep your marble surfaces in the best condition for a long time by proper maintenance and, if there is need for it, effective and safe repair. Our experts know how to provide these services with respect to various types of marble surfaces: floors, countertops, stairs, bathrooms, fireplaces, walls etc.

Professional Marble Repair

While marble is a durable stone, it is also a natural product susceptible to serious damage caused by a variety of factors, including simple passage of time and weather conditions. As such, ensuring professional marble repair is of utmost importance for any owner of surfaces made from this stone. Are you searching for a specialist in marble repair in London or nearby? Milos Marbles has a comprehensive offer of professional marble repair services encompassing removal of any cracks, scratches, gouges, or even breaks. We use only highly professional tools & machinery as well substances that are safe for this type of natural stone. The same is with materials used for reinstatement of marble surfaces. Repairing is of high importance because any replacement usually includes intervention in the whole structure. After all, this natural stone frequently forms whole installations on its own, such as floors, stairs or bathrooms. As such, purchasing a new structure would mean constructing from scratch on site when it cannot be moved elsewhere (e.g. in the case of fireplaces).

Milos Marbles provides marble repair services in London and surrounding areas. We always ensure all necessary materials and tools when arriving on site. We only use equipment and chemicals that are safe for the materials and people in the building, especially if repair concerns surfaces coming into contact with food, such as countertops in a kitchen.

Damaged marble sink before repairs
Damaged marble sink before repairs
Damaged marble sink after repairs
Damaged marble sink after repairs

Marble restoration in London

Marble restoration includes also maintenance such as special marble cleaning. All substances we use for cleaning are safe and do not cause any damage to marble. We remove all sorts of stains, discolouring, and also apply preservatives to impregnate the marble against inopportune conditions.

Marble restoration includes also maintenance such as special marble cleaning. All substances we use for cleaning are safe and do not cause any damage to marble. We remove all sorts of stains, discolouring, and also apply preservatives to impregnate the marble against inopportune conditions.

The restoration process, depending on what a particular surface needs, also consists of actions such as polishing or honing. All this to remove any defects in a flawless way and to preserve and improve the stone’s lustre. We always use non-harmful chemicals and tools, e.g. we use only natural abrasives for polishing, whether to remove a stain or simply make the stone more shiny.

While we are situated in Hemmel Hempstead, we also provide our services of marble restoration in London area in general, for example in Watford, Twickenham, etc.  

Just contact us and together we will determine the best strategy for professional repair and restoration of surfaces in your home or office.

Why is marble restoration so important?

One might ask: would it not be more beneficial to simply purchase a new marble surface once the old one no longer looks good?

You might think about marble as an investment. In such a case, keeping surfaces made of this material in good condition increases the value of your home when you want to rent it or sell it. But it is not only the monetary value that matters. The sentimental value is often as important. Marbles often reflect the history of a home or a commercial property and form their inherent part – in this way, they serve as a keepsake or a time capsule containing the history of a building.

Even when one actually calculates the costs of marble restoration, it still equals only a fraction of what needs to be spent on replacement. Professional repair is characterised by a low level of intrusion and disturbance caused at home or at public facility. They are definitely less bothersome than installation of new surfaces or elements, especially ones such as floors or bathrooms.

Recreation with new pieces of marble is also not recommended. There are always differences in colour, design, and texture because every piece of marble is absolutely unique. As a result of replacement, the structure becomes a patched-up, messy combination which has lost a lot of its charm and elegance. Restoration saves you all the stress connected with the risk of purchasing second-tier materials that do not match the original quality of your surface.

After professional restoration any changes are invisible to the human eye and what you get is your marble in mint condition, but at a much lower cost than when you first purchased it or if you had to purchase it again now. Skilled professionals also tailor solutions to particular stones and their appearance by selecting appropriate tools, substances and techniques. All to make your marble structures even more durable.

The recovery process entails a whole range of coordinated actions. So again, it is essential to employ a specialist who can plan out the whole process carefully before the restoration starts. Each step, together with the finishing touch of applying a sealer, must be carried out in the correct order, and serve the selected purpose.

Milos Marbles is exactly the company which ticks all the boxes when it comes to the criteria outlined above. If you are searching for marble restoration or repair services in the London area, give us a call, and we will be more than happy to help you (exact areas where we provide service are specified below).

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