Stone Cleaning London

Natural stone like marble, limestone or granite is used both inside and outside our homes. It is considered a beautiful decoration and a material of which you can build nearly everything. It looks impressive as a wall and floor covering or as a part of kitchen and bathroom furniture. However, we should remember that stone surfaces need proper care and cleaning to look fresh and elegant. Stone cleaning should be done by professionals who will save our time and money.

Professional Stone Surface Cleaning

Stone elements look amazing, but without proper maintenance, they can look dirty, become covered with mould and absorb liquids that can change their colour and structure. That is why it is good to use professional stone cleaning services. With good quality products and a lot of practice we can deal with your floors, countertops, patios and office corridors. We know how important is to properly choose the technique suitable for the type of material maintained.

Black granite countertop before cleaning
Black granite countertop before cleaning
Black granite countertop after cleaning
Black granite countertop after cleaning

Stone floor cleaning is the most popular service ordered. Because this material looks extremely stylish, it is used on floors in public institutions, offices and company headquarters. Cleaning such extensive surfaces can be problematic. However, with experience and proper equipment it can be dealt with in no time.

Chemical Stone Cleaning in London

Stone cleaning usually means using chemical substances that remove the dirt and dust that has built over the surface during years. Powerful devices and a durable sealant that closes pores of the material help to preserve the surface and prepare it for further use. It is recommended to deep clean stone elements at least once a year. This will make them clean and sanitized for longer, consequently making them safer to use.

Cleaning stone is also a good moment to repair all the damage like scratches and chipped fragments. It is important to prevent the stone from absorbing more dirt into its structure. Choose services of Milos Marbles located near London and you can be sure all these works will be carried out in a professional manner.

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