Stone Floor Polishing London

Natural stone like granite, limestone or marble is often used as a material for floor covering. It looks beautiful in all kinds of interiors and is considered extremely elegant and impressive. Many owners of stone floors think that mopping them is enough to keep them clean, which is not entirely true.

If you want to admire your floor in its unchanged state for years, you should consider ordering deep cleaning and stone polishing. Those works will remove the dirt out of the stone structure, preserve it for further use, and make it look presentable for a long time.

Natural Stone Polishing

Natural stone is sensitive to some substances like acid and strong chemical cleaners. That is why its cleaning and polishing should be done by professional companies. It is a strong material, but it has pores that should be preserved if we don’t want the stone to absorb dirt, mud, wine, fruit juice or other substances that can stain the surface.

Stone tile floor before polishing
Stone tile floor before polishing
Stone tile floor after polishing
Stone tile floor after polishing

Specialists will determine the best products and techniques for cleaning and polishing each type of stone. Prior to polishing the floor has to be vacuumed and washed. The safest solution is to use microfibre mops and delicate detergents to remove the uppermost layer of dust and dirt.

Stone Floor Polishing

Stone floors are becoming more and more popular. They are found in offices, all kinds of public buildings and in private homes. Once we determine the stone type used in your location and the best plan to take care of it, the preparation begins. It is necessary to cover and protect all the surrounding areas before the process begins.

After general cleaning, the floor has to be treated with a rotary machine to eliminate all scratches or uneven surfaces. Usually grinding is done with the use of water to eliminate the spread of the dust. It is advised to achieve a honed surface and remove any old polish. Polishing gives a shine that looks aesthetic and should be followed by sealing the surface. All these works can be carried out by Milos Marbles, an experienced company providing services in London and its surrounding areas.

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