Terrazzo Polishing and Restoration London

Terrazzo flooring is becoming more and more popular in institutions, hotels, hospitals or schools because it looks beautiful and it is a very durable material. In places where hundreds of people walk over the floor those are important characteristics. That is why the popularity of this material calls for a new way of keeping it fresh and flawless. Thanks to the development of methods dedicated to such materials it is possible to restore them to their original condition.

A terrazzo floor is a mixture of marble, glass, granite and other small elements that are combined in coloured cement. Usually, this is formed into terrazzo tiles of different sizes. That makes it a perfect finish of both modern and traditional interiors. The shine attracts attention and helps to enhance the image of the place. However, like every material, with time it needs some refreshment.

Professional terrazzo floor polishing in London

Owners of such floors often wonder what to do to keep them shiny. The answer is: clean it regularly and once in a while carry out a deep clean finished with polishing and sealing the surface. It will keep it preserved, resistant to mechanical damage and biological components. Cleaning is crucial as well as mopping all spills and preventing contact with acids. It is best when the maintenance of terrazzo floors is put in the hands of professionals.

With Milos Marbles, located near London, it is guaranteed that a specialist will check the state of the floor first, analyse if there are any cracks, scratches or other damages that need fixing. Next, we will secure all neighbouring areas and keep the whole process safe for everyone. After dusting, cleaning, diamond grinding, the polishing process begins. Most stains and marks are completely removed before this stage. Porous tiles need a special sealant to make them resistant to water and dirt. It impregnates them and leaves a protective layer that will make everyday cleaning easier too.

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